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  • MATTHEW WADE – Psychostasia II – The Ritual

    Having been a key part of their 2013-2014 site specific performance “Psychostasia”, in March Matthew returned to work with the internationally acclaimed musical ensemble Daemonia Nymphe, performing in and co-directing “Psychostasia II – The Ritual” at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham. Combining live acoustic music,......


    Having previously worked with Toxic Games founder Daniel Da Rocha and OMUK on 2016’s award winning adventure puzzle platform game ‘Hue’, Matthew is the voice of The Entity in Toxic Games’ critically acclaimed multi-platform new release, Q.U.B.E. 2, which went live on 13th March 2018.......

  • Nick Downes – Waiting for Godot

    Nick Downes is currently  in rehearsal to play Estragon (‘Gogo’) in Beckett’s classic tragicomedy Waiting for Godot, which opens on 13 March in The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth. A country road. A tree. Evening…  and rare chance, not simply to watch, but rather to experience Beckett’s masterpiece......


    Having toured with the show in Australia last year, our client Richard Unwin is thrilled to be reprising his role as Daniel in ‘The Chemsex Monologues’ at the Oscar Wilde Theatre in Berlin from March 23rd. Written by Daniel Cash, the show has been described......

  • Elaine Fellows – WEIGHT WATCHERS

    Elaine is the voice on the Weight Watchers commercial that sponsors “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC and Quest. On air from February to June....